ORU Kayak combines space age materials with ancient craftsmanship


ORU Kayak combines space-age materials with ancient craftsmanship


Plooikajak is an authorized reseller of ORU Kayak

The ORU story began in 2012, off the back of a successful Kickstarter project. Its makers were looking for, and found , the happy marriage of space - age materials with time - honoured craftsmanship

Two ancient traditions find their match in ORU Kayak : one being the kayak as one of the oldest vehicle types still in use today; and the other is origami, the Japanese art of folding. Oru is the Japanese word for 'to fold'.

Moreover, ORU Kayak is all about unlimited freedom. And if you have one, the question is not so much where the kayak can take you but where you can take the kayak. The ORO Kayak does everything you would expect of a good kayak... wherever in the world it is, as long as there's water




The ORU Kayak wall consists of a double layer of polypropylene, which is an exceptionally strong yet resilient material and provides excellent protection against friction. The double layering does more than just make the craft very rigid: it also helps its buoyancy.  Thanks to the choice of material, an ORU Kayak can cope with being folded and unfolded 20.000 times.



ORU kayaks are extremely rigid and robust. Thanks to their patented folding pattern, their skin behaves as a single monolithic entity, rendering 'internal' bearing structures completely unnecessary. The entire kayak is folded out of just one seamless plate. The only seam on the kayak is on top and is tightly waterproof when closed, using specially-designed seam seals.



An ORU Kayak is an extremely rugged craft. It has been extensively tested in a range of meteorological and water conditions...and come off successful every time. What's more, on ORU Kayak is fully recyclable and its production process uses up to 70% less petroleum than that for a 'normal' kayak. If you're keen to bring your ecological footprint down even lower than it already is, an ORU Kayak is an outstandingly good commuting vehicle.



ORU Kayaks are designed and made in California ( USA )